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What is happening to our world.

Coming out of the darkness of covid, i find myself now placed, smack bang in the centre of a whole new world. One i do not recognise.

Where has our world gone, this one seems to be, becoming crazier and crazier. every god given day, i find myself on this plain.

As a songwriting/musical Artist, i depend on my words, i depend on finding the truth and sharing it, by writing about.

Now in my own country of éiRe. Anybody, who has anything to valid to say, may have their views taken from them. with a dangerously crazy, legislation on the works, by those charged with power going to their heads. why. ?

Why are they, so afraid of the truth. ?

Are they so caught up in lies, that the truth may be so crippling to them.?

They have one job, and that is to protect their people, but as a see an influx of people from all over coming to live in éiRe, and it really seems, some dont care for this island at all and abuse it. i cant help but think, are they doing their jobs, right.

We have had many movements the past three years, on this island. Where the irish people laid down their concerns, to those, who hold the keys to the lock of decissions.

Right now, they are making crazy things happen, with those choices. Things like, putting, one can only call sexual content into the childrens section at the libraries and bringing in 1000's from o0ther countries, to live here, while our own people, native to the island become homeless.. Some even families with children.

So, its a big concern.

I myself, had been involved in some activism over the past few years in asking these hard questions, but at a cost of who I am.

Though i am still writing music, some of which ill have featured in my new film. i am set to release in the coming months... I have had to put my music career on hold, As the great lennon once wrote

" life is what happens while your busy making other plans."

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I share your concerns. The same who rolled out the rights that ushered in a watershed moment in history. Are the very ones, replacing these rights with arbitrary legislations. I have had a hard time writing on certain issues without filters. As a community of creatives, it's our responsibility to add to the dissident voices, do the needful.

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