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As an Artist,

My soul goal is to share my work with you in the best way possible.

Your  experience means everything to me and I believe in order for me to build a long lasting relationship with you, it is paramount to be up front from the start.

When you sign up to my website, email list or proceed with one of my promotions, I collect some information from you.

which includes Email address and name .

But don't be afraid. I don't now, own your house.

( Mind you, I would be lucky enough to own my own.. )

This information, is  just to try and build that strong relationship with you.

I promise to NEVER share or sell your information with any other parties, other than the info My partnering host Wix collects for me. Who's server I use for my site and Wix are bound by the same protection laws, as I am. Your information is safe.

( We all hate unwanted spam, I get it too)

I also promise that, I will just email you from from time to time, (usually every month)  to let you know about how I am getting on musically, or if i have new music and video's for you to enjoy.

I wont wake you from your sleep,

to tell you about my neighbors cat

( I promise)......  Though It is a Big cat.


By signing up,

you agree to these terms.

You are also more than welcome to

opt out at any time, but It would make me

sad to see you go,  as music

is a wonderful powerful experience,

we all love.

And I want us to share in that experience together.

I hope we can get to know each other and my music gets to grow on you.

Thank you for becoming a Folk'loire in my musical journey.


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