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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hi there my Folkloire's.

For years I had seen a real struggle for the musical artist who stayed away from the main stream side of music, Myself included, and I felt there were so many amazing artists from around the world, lurking in the shadows of the Big artists now day's backed by the Four main record companies.

With their lies, throwing their money around at every corner, buying up all the radio slots and tv slots, and sticking their artist's right in the public's face, telling you how great they are and there for leaving the Real indie artist out in the cold.

If you heard an Artist on the radio constantly being played through out the day, you would think..

"They must be amazing!! Wouldn't you.?

But sadly that is not always the case, Gone are the days of the hoarseness poetic geniuses like the Dylan's of the world, Or the dark pain struck Lyric masters like Lennon with a real back story and real life thoughts.

We would be lucky to get an artist who's lyrics had not been spit out by Microsoft's WORD'S auto correct.? or all their music written and played for them by the same group of session musicians or worse still and in many cases, by a computer app.

Music for me, has gone too robotic with no life. It also seems to me that Artists are not getting signed by merit anymore, but if they have a pretty face and have a bit of a following.... Hay..."Please sign here" and off they go. The reality is, some don't even deserve to be there and after a few years dry up and disappear because they were FAKE to start with and SOME end up as reality stars on some crappy Tv show. Yay..They really did want to play music for the rest of their lives... NOT.

So last year I decided, enough was enough and that I was going to bring Real music back into peoples lives, Individuals or bands that I feel really have a talent, that should not be in the shadows anymore.

So I created Folks and Strokes, http://bit.ly/Folksandstrokesspotifyplaylist And on this #blog each week, I will be taking a different #artist from the playlist and delve into their #story , Breaking down their #art,

An insight from from one #musicalartist to another, a collection of REAL music, REAL stories, REAL passion from #upandcomingartists from around the world, The #Realmusicalartist for the REAL #musiclovers of the world.

Meet Some Of The Folks And Strokes Artists Past and Present ↓

Music Reviews, Artists past and presently on Our #folksandstrokesplaylist.


10th June 2020

The art of finding these wonders among us, artist's that touch us inside spiritually. 

Finding them is the key here on the #folksandstrokes Music Network, as they don’t really get a look in, hidden within the Billion dollar industry that is the music business. 

But folks, Thankfully I can see a change happening and a new music industry arise.

Being formed out of the ashes, where the indie artist's are finding a voice and this seems to be on the up.

We also love being there at the start of some of these artist's musical journies, which leads me to our next review.

This young lady.

Cat Lennon ( what a striking familiar second name)

Is a lyricist and singer, who, hails from and grew up in Limerick/Ireland, but was born in East Sussex in England.

It seems that her brush with Ireland and the countries many poets throughout history, has had a lasting effect on Cat. As this ladies lyrics to me are stunning, and show us a glimpse of who she may become as an aspiring songwriter.

Her music, Is a picture still in the making, and her colours she still needs to find.  

But that is not what is on display here.

Her voice and lyrics are, and she really knows how to use them well. With the right guidance, I believe she will finally find her way.

Her track PYRE this weeks feature on the #folksandstrokes play list

Which can be found here ⇣

Is a crafty play on words, one would think about a love affair of hurt and deceit.

I really like her choice of words on this track, which shows how as a lyricist, she can tell a story in her own words.

Though her presence on #spotify is still in its infancy with a couple of tracks, More of her work can be found on other places and believe me, well worth checking out.

So I strongly believe we will be hearing a lot more from this Artist.

One to keep an ear to the ground for, Introducing

Cat Lennon.

As always, Please show this REAL artist your support.

Spotify Cat Lennon Spotify link

Soundcloud Cat Lennon Soundcloud

Youtube Cat Lennon Youtube link

Thank you


5th January 2020

A new year, brings a new thought.

As we head into the new year, as always, I find myself conjuring up them end of yearly thought’s. Thoughts I had through the past year, that some what got my artistic juices flowing . I can most definitely hear music changing for the good of man. Folk who know me, know I am very verbal when it comes to how I think the music business is heading, if we allow it to.

I love all music, but come on sometimes those that are in the charts don't deserve to be there.

So its in this thinking that others may think me like a mad man. Lol

But its my passion both as a musical Artist myself and as someone who feels they have their finger on the pulse of what #realmusic stands for. 

We are running into our third year here at #folksandstrokes and the best part of my job here, is finding and listening to new amazing artists, from around the world and I am so humble to get that experience, to actually really listen to their work.

Which brings us to our new artist review this week.

Magnus Josefsson I have known about for a while and have came across his music on many different lists I had the pleasure to have been involved with.

This right here, is what it means to be a seasoned player, you can hear it through his music that he knows exactly how to say it with taste, through his works.

From a music apprenticeship that most of us #Realmusicians obtain, for him it was obtained by working with many artists and touring with his bands through out Russia and Europe. 

And as a producer, this Swedish born Musical artist, who now hails along the many rivers of Vienna can create an atmosphere, that is sure to grab any sensitive ear and also leads their musical taste buds into any given story.