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guṫ d'Éirinn
( A voice for Ireland ) 


As an Irish national first, " na h'éireann " I see, and many many others, that something has gone constitutionally wrong here in éire. (Ireland.)

You may be thinking " what has that got to do with me ".?

When in fact it has everything to do with you,

and even more so, if you are born here, or born of Irish parents.

We only have one place we call our homeland, right.? 

And we have our constitution bunreaċt na héireann 1937 

to protect us and our nation from unjustified attack.

In the english language,  it doesn't actually mean  constitution at all, 

It translates to, bun (primary) and reaċt (law).

as It is the foundation of the laws of this land, it is,  the law of the Irish people.

" Our own genius and traditions ". ( Article 1) .

and it is a guide for life, and It must be protected at all costs. 

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Our biggest problem

Those who are meant to protect the state, that protects our nation,

culture, and well being, seem to have gone rogue.

These parties, those people, elected within their ranks, have moved on,

and now fail to take care of the Irish people.

Our business is our state, and I dont say this lightly.

 They have forgotten their job, and are failing us as a unique people.

Right now, Irish people in some of our little towns,

are fast becoming a minority in their own towns, and with 20,000 Irish nationals homeless

and with that number still growing, you would think,

those in charge of housing would try to lower that number.?

Yet, according to , In Ireland we have taken in 28,875 who have been

spread out over 282 centres, as of April 17th 2024 in many of our towns and villages.

One would wonder, why

In  2023,  €653 million of Irish tax payers money had been spent facilitating those fleeing

a conflict in the Ukraine, a big jump from 2021 figures which stood at €191 million. 

This will impose a nice bill on our people of  a Colossal €1 billion, if not capped.

Our people have nothing to do with this war ( what seems to me to be a civil war,

in the region) a region that is almost 9 times the size of Ireland.?

This Government by their actions, is putting this bill on you and many generations to come.

Imagine, in a nation that is meant to look after our children, our future people,

some Irish children are loosing the best times of their lives , living in hotels and bedsits,

every child needs a garden to play in. Right.?

So why are these new arrivals really here, and do we need so many.?

It is crazy to think it is a good idea to allow 100's a day to enter into Ireland from elsewhere,

many getting rid of their documentation. Most of the time, we dont know, who they are. ?

Did you hear about the teenager with African parents in Blanchardstown,

who got signed to an english football team.?

When they did his medical, it turned out he was actually older. 

Who is to blame for this, are proper checks not in place.?


We are now taking in more, than any other country per capita in Europe,

and Minister o  Gorman had said they expect about 2200 more this year.

Why are they letting so many them in. ? I understand we need to help those in need.

and you may say " well they are women and children fleeing war, right.?

The truth is, they are not, i see mostly young men, from parts of the world not even at war.

This government, along with the councils, are now handing our country away, 

piece by piece to foreign interests, through greed all backed by the European union 

and the " oligarch of private billionaires " within the United nations.

This will lead to even less hospital beds , longer waiting times for appointments

and sadly, growing crime rates. Which we are seeing the effects of now,

and through the rise of horrible events the past few years,

I never heard of a child being attacked at their school before, have you.?


There is also no public debate on the matter,

where is our peoples say on this.? 


Who are the

"World Economic Forum ".?

and why do they have a say on the Our

constitutionally protected rights, on the territory of éire .

and why is there now talk about a privately backed company called

" The World Health Organisation"

Taking over everyones health issues by force of a treaty.?

They were very back and forth, when it came to the " Covid ' thing.?

And the mess, that is now coming out over it, with the "gene therapies"

administered to billions around the world.

Have you looked at the document Pfizer tried to hide for 75 years.? 

       I wouldn't let them look after my gold fish at this stage,

never mind my, and my families health.


everything needs to be questioned folks.

 once more, all being backed by  "Unelected" people at the Eu and the Un.

That is not Irish democracy,

Help me, take back our say.

 These Unelected entities, which are private businesses in reality,

should never have control over, we, the sovereign people, its unconstitutional.

Their only interest is to line the pockets of their funders,

not to look after  you and your family.


Our elected, so called Irish parties, have grown tired

and the people within them weak!!...

It is time, to show them all, and their globalist buddies the door.

Ireland is closed to them. No, céad mile fáilte  

If we dont, we will loose it all folks, mark my words,

we will loose it all ,through bad legislation

and that, is a promise that will be met. unfortunately.








I remember growing up,  in an Ireland where we had, not only our own money 

punt, ( pre euro)

but an éire, were Irish businesses thrived.

Our own businesses,  like Roches stores, that started out in cork

and had started to spread all over the country over its 100 years.

I myself had trained as a victualler under them,

studying business management and business law, through the meat trade.

Now GONE. Irish business  CLOSED.

A few years later I then, went back and trained as a protein specialist,

with Super Quinn,

do you remember that Irish business.?

Fergal Quinn, was an innovator, an Irish man,

I would have aspired to be like as a younger man.  

He was the first, to have an in house bakery on site in store, 

there is nothing like the smell of freshly made to order bread in the morning ...

that too now GONE

and his world famous sausage, is nothing now, but a Gimmick to sell tones of,

to make millionaire groups, millions more. 

I remember folk ,used to come over from all around the world,

just to get that Irish sausage..?

It's heart, and that very Irish idea, destroyed through greed..

and for what, to now be replaced by over priced, foreign business.

And dont get me started about  bord na mona , it seems,

those within the walls of  government, are happy for our fossil fuel

producing Irish farmers to stop producing our own produce.

 but instead, Import it all in from Poland and Germany at triple the price.

Now it looks like our food producing farmers ,are under that same guillotine,

with sanctions by the EU, a foreign entity. 

 In turn, it will lead to food shortages for  you and I, and every person struggling

to heat their homes and put food on their tables. 

In particular, our most vulnerable, like Our old folks and gran parents.

 They, will still be struggling to keep the lights on, and now paying over the price,

for food and heat, all while we, are Boosting foreign economies, miles away. 

What about our people.? and where is our benefit.?

I am a father, of both young adults and young children,  every day life here

in Ireland, running a family home, has become a struggle, for me and my wife.

and for what, not for our own gains that is for sure. 

Globalism, Where is the logic in that. ?

Globalism is the end of nationalism and countries having their own control.

It is time people, to bring back " made in eirinn " again,


  • for homegrown, to benefit our people,

We have given enough to this world, it is time to once more look after ourselves.

My point, we are moving further and further away from the country,

and nation of people that back in 1933,  

Eamon de Valera, spoke about and thrived for us to be.

A  32 county nation, an island, with indigenous Irish families on every farm,

feeding the people.

Irish business, run by Irish people, ( how many more crap gadget shops do we need.? ) 

Family business, who actually care about their customers, and where you are not

put on to someone in India chasing a complaint.

Irish owned companies producing Irish products,

using Irish home grown materials. 

  • Self reliant ,

  • Self dependent,

  • Proud to be Irish. 

but in this climate, without change, this idea

is slowly dying and what we were promised, as a people

through our constitution in 1937,

is fast, becoming a distant memory. Dont let it,


help me fight for you.

At the booth this June,




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Mark Joseph Parsons



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Feel free to reach out to me.

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