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Are Musicians Killing their own Careers.?

I have had many different discussions, with many different people within the music biz over the years and I never believed it, when they said that, Up and coming Artist were killing their own careers.

I couldn't phantom that thought and I called them mad and asked them what drugs they were on...

But its true folks, I have seen it.

I have been part of a growing Network of music pages for a while now, which has now been turned into the #folksandstrokes Network.

A network of pages that include, #MusicalArtists, #songwriters, #musicproducers, #openmic's, #MusicBlogs , #Dj's and #musicvenues and I have seen these pages Grow and Grow.

Each day new members join, But still I see the lack of folk on there reaching out and talking to each other.

The music industry is changing and TOGETHER we are the #NewIrishmusicindustry.

In the past Artists not Networking with each other had been the biggest downfall, especially in Ireland for years, finding support within it for your music was hard, and all because folk don't reach out to each other.?

Firstly, Id like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself.

I have been involved in the music industry for the best part of coming up to 27 years now.

I have played thousands of gigs over the years, Auditioned for TV shows, put in Thousands of recording hours, and rehearsal hours through groups and my solo work. etc.

In which I had been the front man and main songwriting, Musician.

I had done my Music apprenticeship and worked hard for it, and I met and jammed with a lot of great people in my time. Back in the day I shared a stage with Aslan, and a Little very genuine and nice bloke, Gavin James, before he shot to fame, name but a few.

When I started, Not that there ever was much of an Irish music industry,

Many of my friends who are Irish artists had to go sign to international labels to make an impact. Because there was

No Facebook,

No Youtube,

No Soundcloud,

(Maybe, Myspace) Remember them.?

but none of this existed ( there was basically hardly anything, and most certainly NO what is known now as a bedroom producing/Musician.)

The only way you got to share your music, was by spending a few years learning an instrument, then forming or joining a band or doing the open mic sessions up and down the country and getting out there and playing live, Learning music appreciation the right way.. period.

Then if you started to get a following and you were lucky enough to scrape a few quid together, you went into a studio and recorded your work.

Believe it or not

Music used to be on sale and folk bought it.

Now, Main stream the so called music industry destroyed that, with streaming services..

Music has lost its value.

But you as an artist, don't have too.

In the last 6 years, I noticed a change in the industry, so I needed to change.

In doing so, at that time I had set up a Club, where now I have groups of 12-17 year old singer/songwriters and musicians, where I set up a number of work shops and I help them develop their art and I also produce their work at the studio, and prepare them for this new age music machine that they are calling the industry.

Along with writing this blog and curated #folkandstrokesplaylist's of Singer/songwriters from around the world, which can be found here

I also produce and record my own work, so I try to keep busy.. Sometimes too much. lol

Now, the music industry has all changed, folk don't even have to know how to play an instrument, they just use computers to write music for them. They no longer have to leave their homes to make an impact either and can literally sing a song in a shower and make an impact, mad time's we have ahead and its no wonder, with the state the industry is in.

Now here is the catch and the reason why I now believe Most are killing their careers.

Back in (lets say the day.? ) In order to gig, as a Band you needed to MAKE friends with other bands, basically NETWORK and what happened was, you would support each other at gigs.

They would have a gig and ask you to perform a set and when you gigged you would ask them, and they would recommend your band to others and you would do the same.

Myself and my Now friends had done this many times.

That was how, it was done and is still being done today and is still relevant in order to make an impact.

Recently, Noel Gallagher Supporting U2 on their tour .

They are all doing this for a reason, not just for the hell of it, they are networking by reaching out to each others following.

Online however, an impact can be obtained the same way, by engaging in other musician and band posts. It's sort of support and if you build a relationship with that artist, they will then in return recommend you to others.

But if you are NOT going to bother to talk to others and Network, you are just hurting yourself and hurting your own music career, its as simple as that.

I have seen it happen, folk just dropping their work and that's it, no leg room, no engagement with others, nothing. They are Hurting their career beyond ever knowing they are.


about just posting millions of videos of yourself playing covers or playing your own songs.


recording your music and putting it all over the place..

Sorry to say,

Its not that important,

If you don't


Nothing is going to come of it, I promise you this. Your music will be left to gather dust.

Remember Its not about how good you are, just look at the crap that's in our charts at the moment, I can guarantee Most of them won't be around for long and are just a phase.

But what makes them stand out is because of how the record company that they are signed to, handles their networking.

They actually Hire folk, a full team to go and comment for them on posts, then they get shared... you see..? That is how important it is.

I am sorry to tell you this,

Folk don't care about your music

(Remember It's Free Now). But they may buy into You.? They just need to get to know your first.

Music is a strange thing, it is both personal to you and also personal to the listener, but they need to know YOU first to get it. Think about that.?

and have a great day and please don't shoot the messenger, I just tell it how i see it.

However, what you can do is, come find me online and say hello.


Network 🙂


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